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  • A domain decomposition technique for pseudospectra computations 

    Astudillo, Reinaldo; Castillo, Zenaida; Otero Calviño, Beatriz (2013)
    Conference report
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    The pseudospectra, a tool to study the behavior of systems associated with nonnormal matrices has been considered extremely useful in the last decades, for that reason there is a recent interest in its efficient computation. ...
  • Un esquema paralelo para el cálculo del pseudoespectro de matrices de gran magnitud 

    Otero Calviño, Beatriz; Astudillo, Reinaldo; Castillo, Zenaida (2015-01-01)
    Open Access
    The pseudospectra is a powerful tool to study the behavior of dynamic systems associated to non-normalmatrices. Studies and applications have increased in the last decades, thus, its efficient computation hasbecome of ...