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  • GeNIUL, experts on viability PCR 

    Codony Iglesias, Francesc; Agustí Adalid, Gemma (Campus de Terrassa de la UPC, 2013-06-13)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The standard PCR technique allows the rapid detection of microorganisms, difficult to detect by traditional culture methods. However, the control of samples through PCR has the drawback of false positives due to amplification ...
  • Progress in understanding preferential detection of live cells using viability dyes in combination with DNA amplification 

    Fittipaldi Gustavino, Mariana; Nocker, Andreas; Codony Iglesias, Francesc (2012-12-22)
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    The ideal scenario in most applications of microbial diagnostics is that only viable cells are detected. Bacteria were traditionally considered viable when they could be cultured, whereas today's viability concept tends ...