• Design of a robotic hand and simple EMG input controller with a biologically-inspired parallel actuation system for prosthetic applications 

    Crawford, Anthony; Molitor, Jeffrey; Pérez Gracia, Alba; Chiu, Steve (2010)
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    This paper presents the mechatronic design of a robotic hand for prosthetic applications. The main characteristic of this robotic hand is its biologically-inspired parallel actuation system, which is based on the ...
  • Leap motion for sterile manipulation of 3D models 

    Pujol March, Josep Maria (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2018-01)
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    Performing surgeries with 3D models are to an increasing extent becoming normal practice. The common tool for manipulating these 3D objects is with a computer mouse, which is not designed for a three-dimensional virtual ...
  • Model-based hand gesture tracking in ToF image sequences 

    Gudmundsson, Sigurjon; Sveinsson, Johannes; Pardàs Feliu, Montse; Aanaes, Henrik; Larsen, Ramus (2010-07)
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    This paper presents a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera based system for hand motion and gesture tracking. A 27 degree of freedom (DOF) hand model is constructed and fleshed out by ellipsoids. This allows the synthesis of range ...