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  • Improved MUSIC-based SMOS RFI source detection and geolocation algorithm 

    Hyuk, Park; Gonzalez Gambau, Verónica; Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Vall-Llossera Ferran, Mercedes Magdalena (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016-03-01)
    Open Access
    The European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission has been providing L-band brightness temperature (BT) using its instrument, the Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis. In the ...
  • Nodal sampling: a new image reconstruction algorithm for SMOS 

    Gonzalez Gambau, Verónica; Turiel, Antonio; Olmedo Casal, Estrella; Martinez, Justino; Corbella Sanahuja, Ignasi; Camps Carmona, Adriano José (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016-04-01)
    Open Access
    Soil moisture and ocean salinity (SMOS) brightness temperature (TB) images and calibrated visibilities are related by the so-called G -matrix. Due to the incomplete sampling at some spatial frequencies, sharp transitions ...
  • SMOS salinity retrievals enhancement in coastal areas by joint application of nodal sampling and corrected correlator efficiency 

    González Gambau, V.; Olmedo, Edson; Martinez, J.; Turiel Martínez, Antonio; Durán Martínez, Israel (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016)
    Conference report
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    This work is focused on the quality improvement of ESA's SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) salinity retrievals, paying special attention to coastal regions. Two correction techniques have been applied to enhance the ...