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  • Application of high resolution spotlight TerraSAR-X data to landslide monitoring 

    Iglesias González, Rubén; Monells Miralles, Daniel; Centolanza, Giuseppe; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joan; Fabregas Canovas, Francisco Javier; Aguasca Solé, Alberto; López Martínez, Carlos (2012)
    Conference report
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    This paper seeks to demonstrate that radar-based remote sensing techniques, especially those based on orbital sensors, can be as effective as the conventional geotechnical and discrete GPS measurement ones for the detection ...
  • Interferometric SAR signal analysis in the presence of squint 

    Bara Iniesta, Marc Antoni; Scheiber, Rolf; Broquetas Ibars, Antoni; Moreira, Alberto (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2000-09-30)
    Open Access
    This paper develops an analysis of the SAR impulse response function from the interferometric point of view, with the intention of studying its phase behavior in the presence of high squint angle values. It will be pointed ...