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  • A novel approach for absolute radar calibration: formulation and theoretical validation 

    Merker, Claire; Peters, Gerhard; Clemens, Marco; Lengfeld, Katharina; Ament, Felix (2015-06)
    Open Access
    The theoretical framework of a novel approach for absolute radar calibration is presented and its potential analysed by means of synthetic data to lay out a solid basis for future practical application. The method presents ...
  • A study of thunderstorm characteristics using lightning and weather radar observations 

    Pineda Ruegg, Nicolau; Bech, Joan; Rigo, Tomeu; Montañá Puig, Juan (2004)
    Conference lecture
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    The main objective of this study was to give insight into the temporal and spatial aspects of lightning activity during the life cycle of diverse types of thunderstorms, and to examine the possible relationships with ...
  • Radar rainfall: separating signal and noise fields to generate meaningful ensembles 

    Pegram, Geoffrey; Llort Pavon, Xavier; Sempere Torres, Daniel (2011-05)
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    For the purpose of generating meaningful stochastic ensembles of radar estimates of rainfall, a relatively simple and objective method of separating a radar rainfall image into signal and noise is described. An alternative ...