• Interactive multiple object learning with scanty human supervision 

    Villamizar Vergel, Michael Alejandro; Garrell Zulueta, Anais; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto; Moreno-Noguer, Francesc (2016-08)
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    We present a fast and online human-robot interaction approach that progressively learns multiple object classifiers using scanty human supervision. Given an input video stream recorded during the human robot interaction, ...
  • IOBSERVER: species recognition via computer vision 

    Martín Rodríguez, Fernando; Barral Martínez, Mónica; Besteiro Fernández, Ángel; Vilán Vilán, José Antonio (SARTI, 2016)
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    This paper is about the design of an automated computer vision system that is able to recognize the species of fish individuals that are classified into a fishing vessel and produces a report file with that information. ...
  • Object recognition and tracking in video sequences: a new integrated methodology 

    Amézquita Gómez, Nicolás; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa, Francesc (2006-06)
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    This paper describes a methodology that integrates recognition and segmentation, simultaneously with image tracking in a cooperative manner, for recognition of objects (or parts of them) in image sequences. A probabilistic ...
  • Object recognition in hyperspectral images using Binary Partition Tree representation 

    Valero Valbuena, Silvia; Salembier Clairon, Philippe Jean; Chanussot, Jocelyn (2015-04-15)
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    In this work, an image representation based on Binary Partition Tree is proposed for object detection in hyperspectral images. This hierarchical region-based representation can be interpreted as a set of hierarchical regions ...
  • The use of digital image processing for IC reverse engineering 

    Quijada Ferrero, Raúl; Raventós Mayoral, Arnau; Tarrés Ruiz, Francisco; Dura, Roger; Hidalgo, Salvador (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
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    IC Reverse engineering is the process to analyze an integrated circuit to obtain information about its design, materials, logic circuitry, functionality, performance and other relevant features. The increasingly complexity ...
  • Tracking of a Basketball Using Multiple Cameras 

    Agelet Ruiz, Neus (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2010-07-22)
    Projecte/Treball Final de Carrera
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    This master thesis presents a method for tracking a basketball during a basketball match recorded with a multi-camera system. We first developed methods to detect a ball in images based on its appearance. Color was used ...