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  • New constraints on all flavor Galactic diffuse neutrino emission with the ANTARES telescope 

    André, Michel; Anghinolfi, Marco; Anton, G.; Avgitas, T.; Bertin, V.; Bormuth, R.; Puricelli, Stefano; Coniglione, R.; Lefèvre, Dominique; Michael, Turner; Pellegrino, Carlo; Piattelli, P.; Sanchez Losa, Agustín; Trovato, A.; Zúñiga Román, Juan (2017-09-11)
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    The flux of very high-energy neutrinos produced in our Galaxy by the interaction of accelerated cosmic rays with the interstellar medium is not yet determined. The characterization of this flux will shed light on Galactic ...
  • Precessing models and eventual links with galaxy warps 

    Barajas Pichardo, Daniel (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2010-11)
    Projecte Final de Màster Oficial
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    The Restricted Three Body problem is a basic model in celestial mechanics and it has been extensively used in the design of some spatial missions. Sometimes, the designers of these missions consider other similar models ...
  • Revisiting the luminosity function of single halo white dwarfs 

    Cojocaru, Elena Ruxandra; Torres Gil, Santiago; Althaus, Leandro G.; Isern Vilaboy, Jordi; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique (EDP Sciences, 2015-09-01)
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    Context. White dwarfs are the fossils left by the evolution of low- and intermediate-mass stars, and have very long evolutionary timescales. This allows us to use them to explore the properties of old populations, like the ...
  • Rings and spirals in barred galaxies III. Further comparisons and links to observations 

    Masdemont Soler, Josep; Bosma, A.; Romero Gómez, Mercè; Athanassoula, Evangelie (2010)
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    In a series of papers, we propose a theory to explain the formation and properties of rings and spirals in barred galaxies. The building blocks of these structures are orbits guided by the manifolds emanating from the ...
  • Tails and bridges in the parabolic restricted three-body problem 

    Barrabés Vera, Esther; Cors Iglesias, Josep Maria; Garcia Taberner, Laura; Ollé Torner, Mercè (2017-01-01)
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    After a close encounter of two galaxies, bridges and tails can be seen between or around them. A bridge would be a spiral arm between a galaxy and its companion, whereas a tail would correspond to a long and curving set ...
  • The contribution of oxygen-neon white dwarfs to the MACHO content of the Galactic halo 

    Camacho Díaz, Judit; Torres Gil, Santiago; Isern Vilaboy, Jordi; Althaus, Leandro Gabriel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique (2007-06-13)
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    Context. The interpretation of microlensing results towards the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) still remains controversial. White dwarfs have been proposed to explain these results and, hence, to contribute significantly ...
  • Three kinematical methods to identify local galactic structures 

    Cubarsí Morera, Rafael; Alcobé López, Santiago; Vidojevic, S.; Ninkovic, S. (2010-05)
    Comunicació de congrés
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    Method one: by combining a sampling parameter related to an isolating integral of the stellar motion, an optimisation of the mixture approach, and a maximisation of the partition entropy for the constituent populations ...
  • Un planeta con dos soles. ¿Tatooine o Kepler-16b? 

    Moreno Lupiáñez, Manuel (2011-10-25)
    Report de recerca
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    La existencia de un mundo con atardeceres dobles, similar al que se mostró en la película "Star Wars" hace más de 30 años, ya es un hecho científico. La misión Kepler, de la Nasa, ha logrado la primera detección directa ...