• Boundary value problems for Schrödinger operators on a path 

    Carmona Mejías, Ángeles; Encinas Bachiller, Andrés Marcos; Gago Álvarez, Silvia (2012-05-25)
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    In this work, we concentrate on determining explicit expressions, via suitable orthogonal polynomials on the line, for the Green function associated with any regular boundary value problem on a weighted path, whose weights ...
  • On the local spectra of the subconstituents of a vertex set and completely pseudo-regular codes 

    Cámara Vallejo, Marc; Fàbrega Canudas, José; Fiol Mora, Miquel Àngel; Garriga Valle, Ernest (2014-10-30)
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    In this paper we study the relation between the local spectrum of a vertex set C and the local spectra of its subconstituents. In particular, it is shown that, when C is a completely regular code, such spectra are uniquely ...