• Standardization for interoperable autonomous smart sensors in the future energy grid system 

    Higuera Portilla, Jorge Eduardo; Polo Cantero, José (IEEE, 2011)
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    A hierarchy to reach the inter operability of future smart energy grid system is proposed by introducing compliant levels in a pyramidal model. Interoperability layers in this approach was modeled using a button-top approach, ...
  • Understanding the IEEE 1451 standard in 6loWPAN sensor networks 

    Higuera Portilla, Jorge Eduardo; Polo Cantero, José (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010)
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    The adoption of the IPv6 networking in IEEE 802.15.4 sensor networks, using IEEE 1451 standardization, increases the interoperability of low-power smart sensor devices in IP networks. This paper explains the design and ...