• Decentralized certification scheme for secure admission in on-the-fly peer-to-peer systems 

    Touceda, D.S.; Cámara, J.M.S.; Soriano Ibáñez, Miguel (2012-06)
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    Several alternative schemes have been presented in the literature to try to solve the users’ admission problem in P2P systems when it is not possible to include a logically centralized authority (either online or ...
  • Signcryption schemes with threshold unsigncryption, and applications 

    Herranz Sotoca, Javier; Ruiz, Alexandre; Sáez Moreno, Germán (2014-03)
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    The goal of a signcryption scheme is to achieve the same functionalities as encryption and signature together, but in a more efficient way than encrypting and signing separately. To increase security and reliability in ...