• A map characterizing the fuzzy points and columns of a T-indistinguishability operator 

    Boixader Ibáñez, Dionís; Recasens Ferrés, Jorge (2005-10)
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    A new map (ΛE) between fuzzy subsets of a universe X endowed with a T-indistinguishability operator E is introduced. The main feature of ΛE is that it has the columns of E as fixed points, and thus it provides us with a ...
  • Eigenvectors and generators of fuzzy relations 

    Jacas Moral, Juan; Recasens Ferrés, Jorge (-, 1992)
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    A new geometric approach to the study of the eigenvectors is provided. The T-eigenvectors of a T-indistinguishability operator are characterized as its generators in the sense of the representation theorem of L. Valverde ...