• Rule-based assistance to brain tumour diagnosis using LR-FIR 

    Nebot Castells, M. Àngela; Castro Espinoza, Félix Agustín; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo; Julià Sapé, Margarida; Arús, Carles (Future Technology Press, 2009-01-31)
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    This paper describes a process of rule-extraction from a multi-centre brain tumour database consisting of nuclear magnetic res- onance spectroscopic signals. The expert diagnosis of human brain tumours can benefit from ...
  • Using the Fuzzy Inductive Reasoning methodology to improve coherence in algorithmic musical beat patterns 

    Paz Ortiz, Iván; Nebot Castells, M. Àngela; Múgica Álvarez, Francisco; Romero Merino, Enrique (IOS Press, 2014-10-23)
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    In the present work, the Fuzzy Inductive Reasoning methodology (FIR) is used to improve coherence among beat patterns, structured in a musical A-B form. Patterns were generated based on a probability matrix, encoding a ...