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A Bipartite Framework on a Quadric Surface
A c quifer
A contrario
A Coruña
A framework is proposed in which certain well-known concepts of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics can be used and applied to characterize structural systems of interconnected Timoshenko beam elements. We first make the assimilation to a network of nodes linked by potential energy functions that are derived from the stiffness properties of the beams. Then we define a series of thermodynamic quantities inherent to a given structure (i.e.
a granel Heterojunction
A graph is edge-distance-regular when it is distance-regular around each of its edges and it has the same intersection numbers for any edge taken as a root. In this paper we give some (combinatorial and algebraic) proofs of the fact that every edge-distance-regular graph G is distance-regular and homogeneous. More precisely
A Monte-Carlo method
A posteriori error estimation
A priori distribution
a priori estimates
A priori information
A priori uncertainties
A priri analysis
A return into the 3rd dimension
a series of experiments was performed on four structural specimens within the elastic regime.Their configurations were taken from the seismic regulations known as Eurocode 8 in order to have a better based reference for our comparisons. The results are then explained within this new framework.
Mostrant resultats 1340 a 1359 de 119914
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