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    • Recent EUROfusion Achievements in Support of Computationally Demanding Multiscale Fusion Physics Simulations and Integrated Modeling 

      Voitsekhovitch, I.; Hatzky, R.; Coster, D.; Imbeaux, F.; McDonald, D.C.; Fehér, T.B.; Kang, K.S.; Leggate, H.; Martone, M.; Mochalskyy, S.; Sáez, Xavier; Ribeiro, T.; Tran, T.-M-; Gutierrez-Milla, A.; Aniel, T.; Figat, D.; Fleury, L.; Hoenen, O.; Hollocombe, J.; Kaljun, D.; Manduchi, G.; Owsiak, M.; Pais, V.; Palak, B.; Plociennik, M.; Signoret, J.; Vouland, C.; Yadykin, D.; Robin, F.; Iannone, F.; Bracco, G.; David, J.; Maslennikov, A.; Noé, J.; Rossi, E.; Kamendje, R.; Heuraux, S.; Hölzl, M.; Pinches, S.D.; da Silva, F.; Tskhakaya, D. (American Nuclear Society, 2018-02-21)
      Open Access
      Integrated modeling (IM) of present experiments and future tokamak reactors requires the provision of computational resources and numerical tools capable of simulating multiscale spatial phenomena as well as fast transient ...