• A probabilistic tri-class Support Vector Machine 

    González Abril, Luis; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio; Velasco Morente, Francisco; Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio (2010-07)
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    A probabilistic interpretation for the output obtained from a tri-class Support Vector Machine into a multi-classification problem is presented in this paper. Probabilistic outputs are defined when solving a multi-class ...
  • A study on output normalization in multiclass SVMs 

    González Abril, Luis; Velasco Morente, Francisco; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio; Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio (2013-02-01)
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    The use of binary support vector machines (SVMs) in multi-classification is addressed in this paper. Margins associated to the bi-classifiers, since they depend on the geometrical disposition of the classes being separated, ...