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  • Multiantenna GLR detection of rank-one signals with known power spectral shape under spatially uncorrelated noise 

    Sala Álvarez, José; Vázquez Vilar, Gonzalo; López Valcarce, Roberto; Sedighi, Saeid; Taherpour, Abbas (2016-12-01)
    Open Access
    We establish the generalized likelihood ratio (GLR) test for a Gaussian signal of known power spectral shape and unknown rank-one spatial signature in additive white Gaussian noise with an unknown diagonal spatial ...
  • Multiantenna spectrum sensing exploiting spectral a priori information 

    Vázquez Vilar, Gonzalo; López Valcarce, Roberto; Sala Álvarez, José (2011-12)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) is receiving considerable interest as a means to improve spectral usage in licensed bands. In order to avoid interference to licensed users, spectrum sensing has emerged as an enabling technology ...
  • Multiantenna spectrum sensing for cognitive radio: overcoming noise uncertainty 

    López Valcarce, Roberto; Vázquez Vilar, Gonzalo; Sala Álvarez, José (2010)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Spectrum sensing is a key ingredient of the dynamic spectrum access paradigm, but it needs powerful detectors operating at SNRs well below the decodability levels of primary signals. Noise uncertainty poses a significant ...