• Pontryagin duality in the class of precompact Abelian groups and the Baire property 

    Bruguera Padró, Mª Montserrat; Tkachenko, Mikhail (2012)
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    We present a wide class of reflexive, precompact, non-compact, Abelian topological groups G determined by three requirements. They must have the Baire property, satisfy the open refinement condition, and contain no ...
  • Reflexivity in precompact groups and extensions 

    Galindo Pastor, Jorge; Tkachenko, Mikhail; Bruguera Padró, Mª Montserrat; Hernandez, Constancio (2014-02-15)
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    We establish some general principles and find some counter-examples concerning the Pontryagin reflexivity of precompact groups and P-groups. We prove in particular that:; (1) A precompact Abelian group G of bounded order ...