• Format-agnostic approach for production, delivery and rendering of immersive media 

    Thallinger, Georg; Shirley, Ben; Schreer, Oliver; Thomas, Graham; Niamut, O.A.; Macq, J.; Kochale, A.; Batke, J.M.; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Oldfield, Rob (2011)
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    The media industry is currently being pulled in the often-opposing directions of increased realism (high resolution, stereoscopic, large screen) and personalisation (selection and control of content, availability on many ...
  • Interim System Specification. FascinatE deliverable D1.4.2 

    Thomas, Graham; Schreer, Oliver; Shirley, Ben; Oldfield, Rob; Steurer, J.; Kaiser, R.; Bailer, W; Kienast, G.; Poggi, A.; Macq, J.; Zoric, G.; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Niamut, O.A.; Prins, M.J.; Borsum, M.; Spille, J.; Kochale, A. (2012-01-13)
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  • Report on final demonstration. Fascinate deliverable D6.3.1 

    Thomas, Graham; Schreer, Oliver; Thallinger, Georg; Kienast, Gert; Oldfield, Rob; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Macq, Jean François; Prins, M.J. (2013-06-21)
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    The objective of WP6 in the FascinatE project is to organise a series of convincing demonstrations that raise awareness of the project in the broadcast and media industry, as well as providing focal points for the ...