• Cabling, connectors and splices structure for the OBSEA. Expandable subsea observatory 

    Santamaria, Josep; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Manuel Lázaro, Antonio (2009-11-01)
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    The OBSEA observatory, for its construction, characteristics and location in the seafloor, needs a cabling and connections structure capable to satisfy its finality and to resist the adverse conditions of the sea environment.
  • Long term monitoring of day-night fish assemblage at OBSEA 

    Santamaria, Josep; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Sbragaglia, Valerio; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Manuel Lázaro, Antonio; Sardá Amills, Francesc (2013)
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    High frequency monitoring and the reducing of disturbance of sampling activities have a vital importance in the study of fish communities. The aim of this paper is to describe temporal patterns in habitat utilization ...
  • OBSEA: a cabled seafloor observatory at the spanish mediterranean coast 

    Dañobeitia, Juan José; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Piera Fernández, Jaume; Artero Delgado, Carola; Sorribas, Jordi; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Manuel Lázaro, Antonio; Castellón Masalles, Arturo; Santamaria, Josep (2009)
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    The implementation of submarine sensors at regional scale has been considered within the ESFRI Roadmap as a European strategic infrastructure. In this sense European Union has funded projects as ESONET and EMSO that ...
  • The use of coastal cabled video-observatories to monitor seasonal changes in shallow water fish community 

    Sbragaglia, Valerio; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Santamaria, Josep; Manuel Lázaro, Antonio; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Sardà Amills, Francesc (IEEEXPLORE, 2013)
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