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  • A lateral modes model for BAW resonators 

    Collado Gómez, Juan Carlos; Rocas Cantenys, Eduard; Verdú, Jordi; Mateu Mateu, Jordi; Hueltes Escobar, Alberto; Aigner, Robert (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
    Conference report
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    An equivalent circuit model to predict lateral modes occurring in real BAW resonators is proposed. The circuit model has been validated with FEM simulations of FBAR resonators and also with measurements of SMR resonators. ...
  • Three-port frequency-selective absorptive limiter 

    Hueltes Escobar, Alberto; Rocas Cantenys, Eduard; Collado Gómez, Juan Carlos; Mateu Mateu, Jordi; Orloff, Nathan D.; Booth, James C.; García Pastor, David; Perea Robles, Rafael (2017-04-24)
    Open Access
    This letter describes a novel three-port absorptive limiter for frequency-selective circuits based on a configuration similar to a conventional 90° hybrid coupler. This circuit uses the switching behavior of common diodes ...