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  • The EuQoS system: A solution for QoS routing in heterogeneous networks 

    Cordeiro, Luis; Monteiro, Edmundo; Burakowski, Wojciech; Beben, Andrzej; Mingozzi, Enzo; Stea, Giovanni; Masip Bruin, Xavier; Yannuzzi, Marcelo; Serral Gracià, René; Domingo Pascual, Jordi; Enríquez Gabeiras, José; Callejo, Maria Angeles; Diaz, Michel; Racaru, Florin (2007-02)
    Open Access
    EuQoS is the acronym for “end-to-end quality of service support over heterogeneous networks,”which is a European research project aimed at building an entire QoS framework,addressing all the relevant network layers, ...