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  • Active learning of manipulation sequences 

    Martínez Martínez, David; Alenyà Ribas, Guillem; Jimenez Schlegl, Pablo; Torras, Carme; Rossmann, Jürgen; Wantia, Nils; Eren Erdal, Aksoy; Haller, Simon; Piater, Justus (2014)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    We describe a system allowing a robot to learn goal-directed manipulation sequences such as steps of an assembly task. Learning is based on a free mix of exploration and instruction by an external teacher, and may be active ...
  • Object-action complexes: grounded abstractions of sensory-motor processes 

    Krüger, Norbert; Geib, Cristopher; Piater, Justus; Petrick, Ronald; Steedman, Mark; Wörgötter, Florentin; Ude, Ales; Asfour, Tamim; Kraft, Dirk; Omrcen, Damir; Agostini, Alejandro Gabriel; Dillmann, Rudiger (2011)
    Open Access
    This paper formalises Object-Action Complexes (OACs) as a basis for symbolic representations of sensorimotor experience and behaviours. OACs are designed to capture the interaction between objects and associated actions in ...