• NightLighting: a nocturnal urban illumination approach 

    Muñoz Pandiella, Imanol; Andújar Gran, Carlos Antonio; Patow, Gustavo (European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics), 2013)
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    Real time rendering of cities with realistic global illumination is still an open problem. In this paper we propose a two-step algorithm to simulate the nocturnal illumination of a city. The first step computes an approximate ...
  • R4: Realistic rain rendering in realtime 

    Creus López, Carles; Patow, Gustavo (2013-02)
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    Realistic rain simulation is a challenging problem due to the variety of different phenomena to consider. In this paper we propose a new rain rendering algorithm that extends present state of the art in the field, achieving ...
  • Reflector design from radiance distributions 

    Patow, Gustavo; Pueyo, Xavier; Vinacua Pla, Álvaro (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, 2004-12)
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    This paper proposes a technique for the design of reflector shapes from prescribed optical properties (far field radiance distribution) and geometrical constraints, which is of high importance in the field of Lighting ...
  • The ViRVIG institute 

    Andújar Gran, Carlos Antonio; Navazo Álvaro, Isabel; Vázquez Alcocer, Pere Pau; Patow, Gustavo; Pueyo, Xavier (2011-11-16)
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    In this paper we present the ViRVIG Institute, a recently created institution that joins two well-known research groups: MOVING in Barcelona, and GGG in Girona. Our main research topics are Virtual Reality devices and ...