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  • EARLINET dust observations vs. BSC-DREAM8b modeled profiles: 12-year-long systematic comparison at Potenza, Italy 

    Mona, L; Papagiannopoulos, N.; Basart Alpuente, Sara; Baldasano Recio, José María; Binietoglou, I; Cornacchia, C; Pappalardo, Gelsomina (2014-01-01)
    Open Access
    In this paper, we report the first systematic comparison of 12-year modeled dust extinction profiles vs. Raman lidar measurements. We use the BSC-DREAM8b model, one of the most widely used dust regional models in the ...
  • EARLINET: towards an advanced sustainable European aerosol lidar network 

    Pappalardo, Gelsomina; Amodeo, Aldo; Apituley, Arnoud; Comerón Tejero, Adolfo; Freudenthaler, Volker; Linné, Holger; Ansmann, Albert; Bösenberg, Jens; D'Amico, Giuseppe; Mattis, Ina; Mona, Lucia; Wandinger, Ulla; Amiridis, Vassilis; Alados Arboledas, Lucas; Nicolae, D.; Wiegner, M. (2014-08-08)
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    The European Aerosol Research Lidar Network, EARLINET, was founded in 2000 as a research project for establishing a quantitative, comprehensive, and statistically significant database for the horizontal, vertical, and ...