• MicroRNAs expression, chromosomal alterations and immunoglobulin variable Heavy chain hypermutations in Mantle Cell Lymphomas 

    López-Guillermo, A; Navarro, A; Beà, Sílvia; Fernández, V; Prieto, M; Salaverria, I; Jares, P; Hartmann, E; Mozos, A; Hernández, L; Campo, E; Rossenwald, A; Serrano, Sergi; Solé Parellada, Francesc; Ott, G; Puig Oriol, Xavier; Colomer, D; Villamor, N. (2009)
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    The contribution of microRNAs (miR) to the pathogenesis of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is not well known.We investigated the expression of 86 mature miRs mapped to frequently altered genomic regions in MCL in CD5+/CD5 ...