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    • A user guide for the online exploration and visualization of PCAWG data 

      Goldman, Mary J.; Zhang, Junjun; Fonseca, Nuno A.; Cortés-Ciriano, Isidro; Xiang, Qian; Craft, Brian; Piñeiro-Yáñez, Elena; O'connor, Brian D.; Bazant, Wojciech; Barrera, Elisabet; Muñoz-Pomer, Alfonso; Petryszak, Robert; Füllgrabe, Anja; Al-Shahrour, Fatima; Keays, Maria; Haussler, David; Weinstein, John N; Huber, Wolfgang; Park, Peter J.; Papatheodorou, Elena; Valencia, Alfonso; Zhu, Jingchun; Ferretti, Vincent; Vazquez, Miguel (Springer Nature, 2020)
      Open Access
      The Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) project generated a vast amount of whole-genome cancer sequencing resource data. Here, as part of the ICGC/TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) Consortium, which ...