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    • Magnetic properties, martensitic and magnetostructural transformations of ferromagnetic Ni-Mn-Sn-Cu shape memory alloys 

      Wederni, Asma; Ipatov, Mihail; Pineda Soler, Eloi; Suñol, Joan Josep; Escoda, Lluïsa; González, Julián María; Alleg, Safia; Khitouni, Mohamed; Zuberek, Ryszard; Chumak, Oleksandr; Nabialek, Adam; Lynnyk, Artem (2020-04-03)
      Open Access
      The influence of Cu doping on structural and magnetic properties of Ni50-xMn36Sn14- yCux, y (x=0, 1,2 and y=1 at. %) ribbons has been investigated. The crystalline structures of the alloys were resolute by X-ray diffraction ...