• Dimensioning cellular networks with fixed relay stations 

    Vidal Manzano, José; Marina, Ninoslav; Host-Madsen, Anders (2008)
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    We analyze the downlink spectral efficiency of multicellular wireless networks where in each cell in addition to the base station (BS) a certain number of relay stations (RS) are deployed. It is observed that by introducing ...
  • Technoeconomic evaluation of cooperative relaying transmission techniques in OFDM cellular networks 

    Moral, Antolín; Vidal Manzano, José; Pérez, Jorge; Agustín de Dios, Adrián; Marina, Ninoslav; Host-Madsen, Anders (HINDAWI, 2011-02-27)
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    We evaluate the costs in the deployment of a 4G relay-assisted network in the 2.6GHz band following a technoeconomic methodology that departs fromcell dimensioning based on spectral efficiency and outage capacity requirements. ...