• An adaptive predictive approach for river level forecasting 

    Aguilar, Jose Vicente; Langarita, Pedro; Linares, Lorenzo; Gómez Valentín, Manuel; Rodellar Benedé, José (IEEE, 2011)
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    Efficient flood management requires accurate real time forecasts to allow early warnings, real time control of hydraulics structures or other actions. Commercially available computing tools typically use, for flow or level ...
  • Level forecasting in the Ebro River during flood episodes using adaptive predictive expert models 

    Aguilar, Jose Vicente; Langarita, Pedro; Linares, Lorenzo; Rodellar Benedé, José (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), 2009)
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    In order to minimize the catastrophic effects of floods, it is essential to have good forecasts of the flood dynamics. To carry out these forecasts, commercial computing tools use hydraulic models based on the Saint-Venant ...
  • Predictive control of irrigation canals - robust design and real-time implementation 

    Aguilar, Jose V.; Langarita, Pedro; Rodellar Benedé, José; Linares, Lorenzo; Horvath, Klaudia (2016-09-01)
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    Predictive control is one of the most commonly used control methods in a variety of application areas, including hydraulic processes such as water distribution canals for irrigation. This article presents the design and ...