• FBMC/OQAM MIMO transceiver 

    Caus López, Marius; Mestre, Xavier; Gregoratti, David; Pérez Neira, Ana Isabel; Haardt, Martin; Cheng, Yao; Gomes Baltar, Leonardo (Elsevier, 2017-07-27)
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    Orthogonal Waveforms and Filter Banks for Future Communication Systems provides an up-to-date account of orthogonal filter bank-based multicarrier (FBMC) systems and their applications in modern and future communications, ...
  • MIMO signal processing in offset-QAM based filter bank multicarrier systems 

    Pérez Neira, Ana Isabel; Caus, Marius; Rostom, Zakaria; Le Ruyet, Didier; Kofidis, Eleftherios; Haardt, Martin; Mestre, Xavier; Cheng, Yao (2016-11-01)
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    Next-generation communication systems have to comply with very strict requirements for increased flexibility in heterogeneous environments, high spectral efficiency, and agility of carrier aggregation. This fact motivates ...
  • Towards a non-error floor multi-stream beamforming design for FBMC/OQAM 

    Caus, Marius; Pérez Neira, Ana Isabel; Cheng, Yao; Haardt, Martin (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
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    This paper investigates the application of filter bank multicarrier modulation based on the OQAM (FBMC/OQAM) to multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Existing solutions guarantee satisfactory performance when the ...