• Cyclic deformation of duplex stainless steels 

    Mateo García, Antonio Manuel; Gironés, Ana (Nova Science Publishers, 2011-11-01)
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    Duplex stainless steels configure a family of metallic alloys that combined elevated mechanical properties with improved corrosion resistance when compared to standard austenitic grades. This excellent combination of ...
  • Ultrasonic inspection system for powder metallurgy parts 

    Turó Peroy, Antonio; Chávez Domínguez, Juan Antonio; García Hernández, Miguel J.; Bulkai, András; Tomek, Péter; Tóth, Gabor; Gironés, Ana; Salazar Soler, Jorge (2013-04)
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    The demand for powder metallurgy (P/M) parts in its traditional automotive market is predicted to grow, but future sector expansion depends directly upon its capability to manufacture zero-defect parts for industries such ...
  • Welding materials for repairing highly mechanically demanding tools 

    Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel; Andrade-Cetto, Juan; Castro, G.; Arias, J. L.; García, V. G.; Gironés, Ana; Casas Aguirregomezcorta, Begoña; Valls, I.; Goez, Alexey (2009)
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