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  • Spanish multicenter normative studies (Neuronorma Project): norms for the abbreviated Barcelona test 

    Blesa, Rafael; Fernández, Manuel; Frank-García, Anna; Martínez-Parra, Carlos; Antúnez, Carmen; Sagrario Barquero, María; Robles, Alfredo; Quintana, María; Peña-Casanova, Jordi; Sánchez-Benavides, Gonzalo; Langohr, Klaus; Manero, Rosa M.; Aguilar, Miguel; Badenes, Dolors; Molinuevo, José Luis (2011-03-02)
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    The abbreviated Barcelona Test (a-BT) is an instrument widely used in Spain and Latin American countries for general neuropsychological assessment. The purpose of the present study was to provide new norms for the a-BT as ...