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    • Risk of Acute Liver Injury in agomelatine and other antidepressant users in four european countries: a cohort and nested case–control study using automated health data sources 

      Pladevall, Miquel; Pottegard, Anton; Schink, Tania; Reutfors, Johan; Morros Padrós, Rosa; Poblador Plou, Beatriz; Timmer, Antje; Forns, Joan; Hellfritzsch, M; Reinders, Tammo; Hagg, David; Giner Soriano, Maria; Prados Torres, Alexandra; Cainzos Achirica, Miguel; Hallas, Jesper; Brandt, Lena; Cortés Martínez, Jordi; Aguado, Jaume; Perlemuter, Gabriel; Falissard, Bruno; Castellsagué, Jordi; Jacquot, Emmanuelle; Deltour, Nicole; Pérez Gutthann, Susana (2019-04)
      Open Access
      Background Agomelatine is a melatonin receptor agonist and serotonin 5-HT2C receptor antagonist indicated for depression in adults. Hepatotoxic reactions like acute liver injury (ALI) are an identified risk in the European ...