• Molecular ¿(2) gratings via electron-beam lithography 

    Domínguez Juárez, Jorge Luis; Macovez, Roberto; Gonzalez, M.U.; Martorell Pena, Jordi (2010-07)
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    We show that the nonlinear optical activity of an organic molecule may be quenched by electron irradiation. Exploiting this effect, we inscribe periodic χ(2) patterns in the molecular films by means of a scanning electron ...
  • Noise-assisted energy transport in electrical oscillator networks with off-diagonal dynamical disorder 

    De León Montiel, J. Roberto; Quiroz Juarez, Mario A.; Quintero Torres, Rafael; Domínguez Juárez, Jorge Luis; Moya Cessa, Hector M.; Pérez Torres, Juan; ARAGÓN HERNÁNDEZ, JOSÉ LUÍS (Macmillan Publishers, 2015-11-27)
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    Noise is generally thought as detrimental for energy transport in coupled oscillator networks. However, it has been shown that for certain coherently evolving systems, the presence of noise can enhance, somehow unexpectedly, ...