• Energy management system of hybrid microgrid with energy storage 

    Marzband, Mousa; Sumper, Andreas; Chindris, Mircea; Tomoiaga, Bogdan (2012)
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    The economic scheduling of the generation units is playing a significant role in the energy management of the hybrid stand alone microgrid. Energy storage is an increasingly important part of the renewable energy sector ...
  • Object oriented backward/forward algorithm for unbalanced and harmonic polluted distribution systems 

    Tomoiaga, Bogdan; Chindris, Mircea; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni; Sumper, Andreas (2011)
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    The optimization in the operation of distribution electric systems has become an acute problem. In order to evaluate some essential criteria (e.g., active power losses) the computation of power flow is absolutely ...
  • Pareto optimal reconfiguration of power distribution systems using a genetic algorithm based on NSGA-II 

    Tomoiaga, Bogdan; Chindris, Mircea; Sumper, Andreas; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni; Villafafila Robles, Roberto (2013-03-06)
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    Reconfiguration, by exchanging the functional links between the elements of the system, represents one of the most important measures which can improve the operational performance of a distribution system. The authors ...
  • Software Tool for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Disturbances Propagation 

    Chindris, Mircea; Cziker, Andrei; Sumper, Andreas; Miron, Anca; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni; Villafafila Robles, Roberto (2010-03-23)
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    The analysis of the conducted electromagnetic disturbances propagation is a complex issue, involving detection and analysis of electromagnetic disturbances, modelling of power grids’ elements, and study of the influenceon ...