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  • Extending OpenMP to survive the heterogeneous multi-core era 

    Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S.; Planas, Judit; Pérez Cáncer, Josep Maria; Mayo, Rafael; Martorell Bofill, Xavier; Martinell, Lluis; Labarta Mancho, Jesús José; Jiménez González, Daniel; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Bellens, Pieter; Cabrera, Daniel; Duran González, Alejandro; Ferrer, Roger; González Tallada, Marc; Igual, Francisco D. (2010-10)
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  • OpenMP extensions for FPGA Accelerators 

    Cabrera, Daniel; Martorell Bofill, Xavier; Gaydadjiev, Georgi; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Jiménez González, Daniel (2009-07)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Reconfigurable computing is one of the paths to explore towards low-power supercomputing. However, programming these reconfigurable devices is not an easy task and still requires significant research and development efforts ...