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    • BaNa: a noise resilient fundamental frequency detection algorithm for speech and music 

      Yang, Na; Ba, He; Cai, Weiyang; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin; Heinzelman, Wendi (2014-08-27)
      Open Access
      Fundamental frequency (F0) is one of the essential features in many acoustic related applications. Although numerous F0 detection algorithms have been developed, the detection accuracy in noisy environments still needs ...
    • Passive wake-up radios: from devices to applications 

      Ba, He; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin; Heinzelman, Wendi (Elsevier, 2013-11)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Energy efficiency is one of the most important criteria in the design of a wireless sensor network. Sensor nodes are usually battery-powered and thus have very limited lifetime. In this paper, we introduce a novel passive ...
    • Range extension of passive wake-up radio systems through energy harvesting 

      Chen, Li; Cool, Stephen; Ba, He; Heinzelman, Wendi; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin; Muncuk, Ufuk; Chowdhury, Kaushik Roy; Basagni, Stefano (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
      Conference report
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      Use of a passive wake-up radio can drastically increase the network lifetime in a sensor network by reducing or even completely eliminating unnecessary idle listening. A sensor node with a wake-up radio receiver (WuRx) can ...