• Assessing confidence in cased based reuse step 

    García, Fabio A.; Orozco, Francisco J.; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Arcos, Lluis (IOS Press, 2007)
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    Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is a learning approach that solves current situations by reusing previous solutions that are stored in a case base. In the CBR cycle the reuse step plays an important role into the problem solving ...
  • Spatio-temporal reasoning for reliable facial expression interpretation 

    Orozco, Francisco J.; García, Fabio A.; Arcos, Lluis; Gonzàlez, Jordi (Bielefeld University, 2007)
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    Understanding human behaviours and emotions has received contributions from image analysis and pattern recognition techniques in order to tackle this challenge. The most popular facial expression classifiers deal with ...