• Comparative testing of four ionospheric models driven with GPS measurements 

    Zandbergen, R.; Feltens, Joachim; Angling, M; Jackson Booth, N; Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mainul; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Aragón Ángel, María Ángeles; Orús Pérez, Raül (2011-07-28)
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    In the context of the European Space Agency/European Space Operations Centre funded Study “GNSS Contribution to Next Generation Global Ionospheric Monitoring,” four ionospheric models based on GNSS data (the Electron ...
  • Global ionospheric monitoring and navigation systems 

    Feltens, J.; Angling, M; Jakowski, Norbert; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Zandbergen, R. (2010)
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