• SARDANA: an all-optical access-metro WDM/TDM-PON 

    Spirou, S.; Tomkos, Ioannis; Prat Gomà, Josep Joan; Segarra Mullerat, Josep; Sales Zaragoza, Vicente; Lázaro Villa, José Antonio; Chanclou, Philippe; Soila, Risto; Teixeira, A.; Tosi Beleffi, Giorgio M. (2011)
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    A new optical access network, named “Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture” (SARDANA), is presented. It transparently integrates WDM metro and TDM PON access technologies, implementing ...
  • Test-bed functionality of the SARDANA hybrid NG-PON 

    Prat Gomà, Josep Joan; Polo Querol, Víctor; Lázaro Villa, José Antonio; Bonada, F.; López Pastor, Eduardo Tommy; Schrenk, Bernhard; Omella, M.; Saliou, F.; Le, Q.T.; Chanclou, P.; Leino, D.; Soila, R.; Spirou, S.; Costa, L.; Teixeira, A.; Tosi-Beleffi, G.M.; Klonidis, Dimitrios; Tomkos, Ioannis (2011)
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    The tests with broadband multimedia services of the SARDANA multi-layer prototype prove the feasibility of scalable hybrid DWDM/TDM-PON FTTH networks with resilient optically-integrated ring-trees architecture.
  • Viability of in-service, low-cost and spatially unambiguous OTDR monitoring in TDM- and WDM-PON access networks 

    Lázaro Villa, José Antonio; Polo Querol, Víctor; Costa, L.; Teixeira, A. (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-06-28)
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    A new strategy is proposed to efficiently monitor fibre plant failures in current and future optical access networks by implementing an OTDR subsystem in the physical layer. The viability of the method is evaluated ...