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  • The strategic impact of META-NET on the regional, national and international level 

    Ananiadou, Sophia; Branco, Antonio; Hajic, Jan; Hernáez, Inma; Mariani, Joseph; McNaught, John; Monachini, Monica; Moreno Bilbao, M. Asunción; Odijk, Jan; Piperidis, Stelios; Rosner, Mike; Skadina, Inguna; Tadic, Marko; Thompson, Paul; Tufis, Dan; Melero, Maite (2016-06-01)
    Open Access
    This article provides an overview of the dissemination work carried out in META-NET from 2010 until 2015; we describe its impact on the regional, national and international level, mainly with regard to politics and the ...
  • Towards improving English-Latvian translation: a system comparison and a new rescoring feature 

    Khalilov, Maxim; Rodríguez Fonollosa, José Adrián; Skadina, Inguna; Braliti, Edgars; Pretkalnina, Lauma (2011)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This paper presents a comparative study of two alternative approaches to statistical machine translation (SMT) and their application to a task of English-to-Latvian translation. Furthermore, a novel feature intending to ...