• Damage analysis of composite materials using modal analysis of intact and damaged plate 

    Hammami, Farah; Pérez Martínez, Marco Antonio; Chafra, Moez; Neifar, Mondher; Gil Espert, Lluís (2010)
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    The proposed paper concerns a current work about a methodology of damage identification on composite material plates. The purpose of this study is to create a methodology to check the damage in composite plates through a ...
  • Numerical homogenization and experimental validation of a composite plate using modal analysis 

    Pérez Martínez, Marco Antonio; Gil Espert, Lluís; Hammami, Farah; Neifar, Mondher; Chafra, Moez (2010)
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    A Finite Element (FE) simulation and an experimental (EXP) test are performed for the validation of the homogenized global elastic properties of a composite material plate. Composite material homogenization is based on ...