• DR9.3 Final report of the JRRM and ASM activities 

    Debbah, Merouane; Kliks, Adrian; Moy, Christophe; Palicot, Jacques; Jouini, Wassim; Casadevall Palacio, Fernando José; Umbert Juliana, Anna; López Benítez, Miguel; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Serrador, António; Caeiro, Luisa; Correia, Luis; Moretti, Marco; Bezerra Rodrigues, Emanuel; Sroka, Pawel; Bogucka, Hanna (2010-12)
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    This deliverable provides the final report with the summary of the activities carried out in NEWCOM++ WPR9, with a particular focus on those obtained during the last year. They address on the one hand RRM and JRRM strategies ...
  • Middleware extension for partial reconfiguration management in cognitive radios 

    Gómez Miguelez, Ismael; Wang, Honhzhi; Nafkha, Amor; Marojevic, Vuk; Moy, Christophe; Leray, Pierre; Gelonch Bosch, Antonio José (2010)
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    Today’s radio access technologies demand flexible, high performance and power-efficient computing. Software-defined radios offer a high degree of flexibility but their performance is limited in energy-constrained environments. ...