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  • Spatial collinear restricted four-body problem with repulsive Manev potential 

    Barrabés Vera, Esther; Cors Iglesias, Josep Maria; Vidal Díaz, Claudio (2017-09-01)
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    We outline some aspects of the dynamics of an infinitesimal mass under the Newtonian attraction of three point masses in a symmetric collinear relative equilibria configuration when a repulsive Manev potential (-1/r+e/r2 ...
  • Tails and bridges in the parabolic restricted three-body problem 

    Barrabés Vera, Esther; Cors Iglesias, Josep Maria; Garcia Taberner, Laura; Ollé Torner, Mercè (2017-01-01)
    Open Access
    After a close encounter of two galaxies, bridges and tails can be seen between or around them. A bridge would be a spiral arm between a galaxy and its companion, whereas a tail would correspond to a long and curving set ...