• Analysis of vapour-compression refrigerating systems 

    Sadurní Caballol, Alexandre; Oliet Casasayas, Carles; Rigola Serrano, Joaquim; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David (2011)
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    The aim of this paper is to show the authors proposal for steady state numerical simulation of Vapour-Compression Refrigerating Systems (dry expansion, liquid overfeed systems, ...). The developed tool allows using different ...
  • Numerical analysis and experimental studies of vapour compression refrigerating systems: special emphasis on different cycle configurations 

    Sadurní Caballol, Alexandre (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2012-09-28)
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    The aim of this work is to study the thermal behavior and fluid-dynamic systems, vapor compression refrigeration and its components (heat exchangers, expansion devices, compressors, connecting pipes, pumps and pressure ...
  • Numerical and experimental analysis of air to water heat pumps 

    Oliet Casasayas, Carles; Sadurní Caballol, Alexandre; Ablanque Mejía, Nicolás; Rigola Serrano, Joaquim (International Energy Agency, 2014)
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    In the present work a numerical and experimental analysis of a R134a air to water heat pump is carried out. A numerical model has been developed and implemented to predict the heat pump thermal and fluid-dynamic behavior. ...