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  • Wavelength conversion towards Rayleigh backscattering tolerant PONs via four-wave mixing in SOA-based ONUs 

    Schrenk, Bernhard; Lázaro Villa, José Antonio; Prat Gomà, Josep Joan (2010)
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    Wavelength shifting in PONs with downstream signal remodulation is presented, allowing upstream transmission over trees with 25km feeder and 1:32 split with penalties <2dB, originally Rayleigh backscattering limited. ...
  • Wavelength-tuneable remote node for enhanced resilience and optimization of WDM access networks 

    Lázaro Villa, José Antonio; Bonada Bo, Francesc; Schrenk, Bernhard; Costa, Liliana; Teixeira, Marco Antonio; Chatzi, Sotiria; Klonidis, Dimitrios; Tomkos, Ioannis; Prat Gomà, Josep Joan (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011)
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    A remote node design with a wavelength tuneable optical add/drop element is presented and experimentally demonstrated for application in a resilient ring+tree access network architecture. The flexibility of the network ...