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  • Variable local weight filtering for PolSAR data speckle noise reduction 

    Alonso González, Alberto; López Martínez, Carlos; Salembier Clairon, Philippe Jean (IEEE, 2012)
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    This paper presents a Polarimetric SAR data speckle filtering technique, based on a combined filtering in the spatial and polarimetric domains. It is based on a bilateral filtering employing distance measures over these ...
  • Wavelet Transform-Based Interferometric SAR Coherence Estimator 

    López Martínez, Carlos; Fabregas Canovas, Francisco Javier; Pottier, Eric (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2005-12-31)
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    A novel method to estimate interferometric coherence in synthetic aperture radar interferometry is proposed. It is demonstrated that this approach is not affected by the terrain topography, contrary to multilook techniques. ...
  • Wetland inundation monitoring by the synergistic use of ENVISAT/ASAR imagery and ancilliary spatial data 

    Martí Cardona, Belén; Dolz Ripollès, Josep; López Martínez, Carlos (2013)
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    on the water resources. In a scenario of climate change and increased anthropogenic pressure, detailedmonitoring of the water resources provides a fundamental tool to assess the ecosystem health and identify potential ...