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  • Understanding color trends by means of non-monotone utility functions 

    Ghaderi, Mohammad; Ruiz Vegas, Francisco Javier; Agell Jané, Núria (2014)
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    In this paper we explore the possibility of capturing color trends and understanding the rationale behind the popularity of a color. To this end, we propose using a preference disaggregation approach from the field of ...
  • Using linguistic descriptions with multi-criteria decision aid approaches in urban energy systems 

    Afsordegan, Arayeh; Sánchez Soler, Monica; Agell Jané, Núria; Gamboa Jimenez, Gonzalo; Cremades Oliver, Lázaro Vicente (2015-02)
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    Multi-Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) methods include various collections of mathematical techniques related to decision support systems in non-deterministic environments to support such applications as facility management, ...
  • Using qualitative reasoning in modelling consensus in group decision-making 

    Roselló Saurí, Llorenç; Prats Duaygues, Francesc; Sánchez Soler, Monica; Agell Jané, Núria (Jure Zabkar, Ivan Bratko, 2009)
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    Ordinal scales are commonly used in rating and evaluation processes. These processes usually involve group decision making by means of an experts’ committee. In this paper a mathematical framework based on the qualitative ...
  • Using qualitative reasoning to model users profiles: an approach to movie recommendation 

    Roselló Saurí, Llorenç; García, David; Agell Jané, Núria; Sánchez Soler, Monica; Prats Duaygues, Francesc (2011)
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    This paper presents a methodology for a collaborative recommender system (RS). The methodology is based on the compatibility of groups of users defining their profiles via a qualitative order-ofmagnitude model. The ...