• Relationship between intermittency and stratification 

    Vindel, Jose M.; Yagüe, Carlos; Redondo Apraiz, José Manuel (2009-04-09)
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    A formal analogy exists between 2D turbulence and 3D turbulence with stratification and rotation. Although the effect of the rotation, to the scale typical of the turbulence, is negligible in the atmosphere, we have found ...
  • The role of initial conditions on mixing efficiency for convective flows 

    Lopez Gonzalez-Nieto, Pilar; Yagüe, Carlos; Cano Marchante, Jose Leandro; Redondo Apraiz, José Manuel (2004-07-24)
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    Mixing produced in convective flows is investigated comparing three different experiments performed by the authors using brine and fresh water as the two mixing fluids. The initial instabilities are generated by gravitational ...